FIRST TIMERS needed for TV programme

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Hi all - I wonder if this is of interest to anyone?

A new programme being researched by Zig Zag Productions, an independent television company based in London, is exploring the process towards sexual maturity.

We're looking for women who have struggled with sex for years and are interested in having intimacy coaching to help get past their sexual anxieties.

Has your love-shyness significantly impacted on your life?
Have you decided to stop waiting for marriage?
Are you thinking about swapping involuntary celibacy for the joy of sex?

We want to highlight the work of a group of therapists in the US and take one man and one woman to meet them and follow a course involving a clinical therapist and a surrogate partner and for us to follow the three-way therapy in a purely observational documentary format, objectively recording the process without judgement or interference.

At this stage we’d be looking to have a chat with people over the phone and if they’re comfortable to discuss in more detail, then a face-to-face meeting in a location at their convenience. If the programme gets commissioned then we would take care of therapy and travel costs. All individuals’ involvement would be subject to approval by a psychologist first.

For more information about the programme, send an email to and Ill be able to offer more information.

All responses will be dealt with in the strictest confidence and your personal data will be processed in accordance with Zig Zag’s privacy policy.